The excellence of the point of sale!

The excellence of the point of sale!

A simple and effective POS that guarantees the success of operations,
freeing employees for what is most important: Paying attention to the customer and selling!

The right choice!

Moloni offers a pratical, safe, reliable and unlimited use of point of sale.
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets), with immediate activation, and without loyalty or contracts.
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Unlimited documents and products
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Unlimited selling points.
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Totally online and without installations
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Multiple users and salespersons.
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Print in ticket or A4/A5

Point of Sale (POS) without limitations

for only 9,90€ per month!

Create and configure unlimited points of sale for the lowest price on the market.
Documents, clients, products and ulimited terminals are just some of the advantages that thousands of companies in Spain have chosen!
Price when paid annualy.In addition to the prices displayed, the current VAT rate must be added.

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